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Ergomotion™ Rio 3.0 Adjustable Base

Original price $699.00 - Original price $1,358.00
Original price
$699.00 - $1,358.00
Current price $699.00
This state-of-the-art base offers users the luxury of head and foot articulation, ensuring personalized comfort for a myriad of activities, be it sleeping, reading, or relaxation. Its zero clearance feature broadens its compatibility, facilitating effortless integration with various bed frames and bedroom aesthetics. Control is a breeze with the wireless remote, and the programmable presets make transitions to preferred settings seamless. The addition of underbed lighting provides subtle illumination, enhancing nighttime convenience. Notably, the Rio 3.0 also introduces the Zero-G Preset Position, an ergonomic alignment designed to simulate weightlessness and provide the pinnacle of relaxation. In the Ergomotion Rio 3.0, refined engineering meets unparalleled comfort, elevating the sleep experience to new heights.

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