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Now-Launching-Industry-Leading-Mattress-Protection-w-Guardsman Mattress Brands

Now Launching: Industry Leading Mattress Protection w/ Guardsman™

Mattress Brands is proud to introduce Guardsman's revolutionary 10-Year Mattress & Adjustable Base Accident Protection Plan, included with any mattress/adjustable base purchase of $999+ covering all the best brands. Available for purchase at the lowest price in the industry for any bed not meeting the price threshold. At a $300+ retail value this accident protection plan effectively gives you the superhero of coverage for the lifetime of your mattress, and applies in ADDITION to the manufacturer’s warranty. Ready to shield your sleep from both manufacturing faults and life's messy mishaps?

Picture this: You're finally getting comfortable at the end of the day with your favorite show loading on the TV. You picked Italian for dinner and tonight, your bed with the adjustable base positioned up wins over sitting at the dining room table. Everyone deserves to feel pampered once in a while. Suddenly, your glass of red wine takes a nosedive, painting your once pristine mattress in crimson red. Or maybe your little Picasso got so excited to see you, they decided to express themselves directly on the canvas of your pillow top. Panic? Not anymore.

Here's the Sparknotes:

  • 10 Years of Worry-Free Comfort: Sleep tight knowing your mattress is invincible for a whole decade. Guardsman has your back (literally, if you didn't realize you spilled glue).
  • Clean, Fix, Repair, Even Replace: From minor messes to major mayhem, Guardsman tackles it all. They'll clean spills, fix rips, repair wobbly bases, and even replace your entire bed if the damage demands it. It's like a spa & rehabilitation day for your bedroom.
  • Household Heroes Meet Food-Fight Masters: Stains don't stand a chance. Guardsman's got the muscle to vanquish everything from marker mayhem to grass smears, melted chocolate to ink invasions. Sleep soundly knowing your bed is stain-proof even in a worst case scenario.
  • Don't Panic, You Have 30 Days to File a Claim: Guardsman’s claims process is smoother than a million count silk sheets. Just file your claim and they'll handle everything, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters – living your comfortable, stress free life.

This ain't your grandma's accident plan, we're talking full-on, all-encompassing, accident-annihilating coverage for both your mattress AND adjustable base. Whether it's a symphony of household stains (including spilled bleach), a food and beverage fiesta (we all love pizza, but not on our sheets), or even extreme damage that would make Rambo flinch (though we still don’t recommend using your bed as a blast shield) Guardsman swoops in like a comfort wizard, leaving your bed as good as day 1. Have a small stain & don't feel like booking a technician to come out to clean it? Guardsman will send you a complimentary stain removal kit featuring everything you need to get your bed back to spotless.

Experiencing Guardsman's 10-Year Mattress Protection Plan is like saying "hasta la vista" to anxiety. It's peace of mind personified, a plan of action against life's inevitable spills and thrills. So why settle for stress when you can sleep easy for the lifetime of your mattress? Check out everything risk-free at, and try Guardsman's dream defense plan for yourself. Trust us, your future self will thank you.

Stress-free comfort guaranteed. Spills and tears? Not so much.

Sleep Easy, Live Free.

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