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Luxury Firm

A luxury-firm mattress is a type of mattress that is medium-firm with extra padding on top of the mattress to provide extra pressure relief. This allows luxury-firm mattresses to feel both firm and soft at the same time, catering to the widest range of sleeping positions and body types. The extra padding gives the mattress a slightly softer feel, making it suitable for light-weight sleepers while also having enough pushback to help keep you well supported if on the heavier side. These mattresses are resilient against pressure while maintaining exceptional comfort.

Luxury-firm mattresses are also designed to offer pressure relief on sensitive areas like shoulders, hips, and joints, making them an excellent choice for a variety of body types and able to provide relief for people experiencing pain in areas during or after sleep. Stay tuned to view our online-accessible inventory of luxury-firm mattresses, and feel free to visit one of our locations (listed below) to experience a variety of different styles and firmness types to pick the perfect mattress for you. At Mattress Brands, we understand that a mattress must feel good to you in order to be the right fit for you, and it is our top priority to fulfill your comfort criteria.


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