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      It’s our mission to provide mattress shoppers with an easy, no-haggle and honest mattress buying experience. We provide the best mattress brands at the lowest prices in-store and online. We have non-commission sales people to help educate our customers to make the right buying decision. When a customer asks us what the best mattress is we say, “The mattress that feels best to you”, because the more money you spend on a mattress doesn’t always mean you are going to buy a better mattress. We aim to answer the most important question in the process of purchasing a quality mattress- "What are my options?"                         


      Our founder and president, Brennan, has been in the mattress industry since 2003 working for several of the large mattress manufacturers in sales, as well as executive wholesale roles to furniture and mattress stores. After visiting thousands of furniture and mattress stores over the years, there was a realization that these stores are all about the profit margins they make off the mattresses, not volume. Most of the top RSAs (retail sales associates) at these retail stores would push the mattresses with the highest commission payout, not necessarily the mattress that is best suited for the customer. Brennan wanted to open a discount mattress store that, instead of making high profit margins, sells more mattresses with low profit margins. Instead of price-selling mattresses, he wanted to educate the customer so they choose a mattress that best suits them. 
Using the relationships and knowledge acquired from being in the industry for so many years, contracts were negotiated with the mattress industries top manufactures to open the first discount mattress retail store in 2012 in Spring, TX. Our brick & mortar store model is not your typical retail store; in addition to the latest & greatest brands, we purchase closeouts, factory floor models, and regular-lined goods in bulk, in an effort to truly have something for everyone, for every budget. In 2013 we opened a showroom in Conroe, TX, and in 2015 we decided to build a new concept store in Houston, TX- a warehouse store. At our warehouse concept store, we sell mattresses wholesale to other furniture and mattress retail stores during the week and we open to the public Thursday - Sunday. In 2016, Brennan, going back to his mattress manufacturing roots, also started producing high-quality gel memory foam mattresses in Texas called Cumberland.

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