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What mattress size is right for you?

Choosing what size mattress to buy isn’t easy, especially considering the array of choices available. Mattress size is an individual preference, but understanding specific dimensions and your own expectations will help you narrow down the bed size that will serve your needs best. When you’re considering which bed size to buy, some factors to consider include whether or not you sleep with a spouse or partner, if children and pets share your bed, whether you’re on the taller or shorter side and how large your bedroom is. Record bedroom dimensions before you shop to give yourself an idea of the space you have, and do some research so you’ll feel confident when you’re ready to buy.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Twin Mattress Size

39" X 75" X 10"

Twin mattresses, also known as single mattresses, are slim in size, which makes them easy to fit side by side in shared kids bedrooms or stacked as bunk beds. This option is great for children who are coming out of a crib or toddler bed and  kids or adults who are working with limited space. 


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Twin XL Mattress Size

Approximately 39" X 80" X 10"

As the standard bed size for college dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress gives students room to stretch out but doesn't offer any more width than a conventional twin-size mattress. This size is great for kids or adults who are tall.  Also common is using two twin XL’s to create a split king, most commonly uses for split king adjustable bases.


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Full/Double Mattress Size

Approximately 54" X 75" X 10"

Full/Double-size mattresses provide a good compromise between twin and queen-size mattresses. This bed size offers a good amount of space for single sleepers and is a good bed size option for a guest bedroom. This size is very common for older kids seeking more space or shorter adults with limited space.

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Queen Mattress Size

Approximately 60" X 80" X 10"

Queen bed size dimensions are the most popular because they are perhaps the most versatile bed size. Queen size is one of the most commonly purchases for adults and couples that do not require a lot of sleeping space or have a smaller bedroom.

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King Mattress Size

Approximately 76" X 80" X 10"

This is the most common size for couples who want to maximize their sleeping space. This option is great for couples who have the space or have children and pets who like to snuggle with mom and dad. A King size mattress is the equivalent to each person having their own Twin XL mattress pushed together. 

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California King Mattress Size

Approximately 72" X 84" X 10"

The California king-size mattresses take approximately four inches of width from a conventional king-size bed and add it to their overall length. This option is best for couples who prefer the extra sleeping space and for taller individuals. Sometimes a narrow and long room will accommodate this size better than a regular king.

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