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Luxury Plush

Luxury plush mattresses are known for their sumptuous, quilted top layer that provides soft, cocooning comfort. They are designed to offer pressure relief on sensitive areas like shoulders, hips, and joints, making them an excellent choice for people who suffer from hip pain. 

Despite their softness, luxury plush mattresses still provide adequate support to maintain a neutral, spinal alignment. Plush mattresses are ideal for side sleepers and those who prefer a softer sleeping surface.

Feel free to visit one of our locations to experience a variety of mattress types and begin the journey of a lifetime of comfort.


  • Original price $2,899.00 - Original price $5,798.00
    Original price
    $2,899.00 - $5,798.00
    $2,899.00 - $5,798.00
    Current price $2,899.00

    TEMPUR-PEDIC - ProAdapt Medium


    Continuous innovation for continuous comfort. The TEMPUR-ProAdapt® is expertly engineered with the most pressure-relieving material we've ever crea...

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    Original price $2,899.00 - Original price $5,798.00
    Original price
    $2,899.00 - $5,798.00
    $2,899.00 - $5,798.00
    Current price $2,899.00

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