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Birch™ Kids Natural Mattress 8"

by Birch
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Proudly designed & manufactured in the US

10 Year Accident Protection Plan FREE With Full Size

25-Year Warranty Active Upon Order

A More Natural Night's Sleep For Your Child.

• Made with certified organic materials

• 2-sided, flippable design for age-appropriate comfort

• Firmer side (ages 3-7), softer side (ages 8-12)

• In-Home Setup & Removal available

Award-Winning Layers of Comfort

Birch's 2-sided mattress offers age-appropriate comfort for your growing child. Research shows that younger sleepers thrive with a firmer feel on the surface of their mattress as they transition from a crib mattress, which is why we’ve chosen a firmer latex for ages 3-7. As they grow, flip this mattress to the other side for a more plush feel, recommended for ages 8-12.

Safe & Sustainable

The Birch Kids Natural Mattress is made with natural & organic materials for safer sleep. Our design is naturally hypoallergenic and sustainably sourced so both you and your child can rest easy. Made without fiberglass.

Safety Certifications

It’s easy to talk the talk of safety and sustainability. It’s harder to walk the walk. The Birch Kids Natural Mattress is GOTS & GREENGUARD Gold Certified because we believe your child deserves the gold standard of safety certifications including low to no VOC off-gassing.

No Chemical Fire Retardants

In the mattress industry, it's common to rely on dangerous fire retardants like fiberglass or rayon fiber blends. But not with Birch. Instead, the Birch Kids Natural Mattress relies on organic wool quilted beneath the surface of the mattress to stifle potential flames and comply with federal fire safety standards. 

No Polyurethane Foams
Ever heard of off-gassing from a mattress? It's the release of potentially dangerous odors, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), expressed by polyurethane foams when exposed to the air. And with a Birch Kids Natural Mattress, it's something you'll never have to worry about. Our mattresses are made with natural latex comfort layers instead of polyurethane foams, providing essential support and pressure relief without potential exposure to harmful off-gassing. 

No Dangerous Adhesives

You may not think of glue as a core component in a mattress. But many modern designs rely on glue or adhesives to keep each internal layer in place. And oftentimes, those adhesives can include dangerous compounds to maintain a strong bond. Not with us. The Birch Kids Natural Mattress relies on water-based adhesives to provide a durable bond between internal layers.

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