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Brooklyn Bedding™ RV Mattress - King & Short Queen - 13.25" (AURORA LUXE COOLING W/ CLOUD PILLOW TOP)

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$1,398.00 - $1,998.00
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Luxury design with advanced cooling technology

Proudly Made In The USA

Upgrade your RV experience with our premium king & short queen-sized mattress. Specifically designed for the unique dimensions and demands of RVs, this mattress guarantees a restful night's sleep even on the road.

Features include:

  • Optimal Comfort: A plush cooling pillow top ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, eliminating overheating and ensuring a serene sleep environment.

  • Perfect Fit: Tailored for RV dimensions, ensuring a snug fit without the need for additional adjustments or modifications.

  • High-Quality Materials: Made with durable, high-density foam that provides the perfect balance of support and softness. Resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

  • Hypoallergenic: Crafted with materials that repel allergens and dust mites, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.


We bring ergonomic support to your mattress with:

  • Carefully zoned coils
  • Intelligently paired foam layers
  • Long-lasting and time-tested designs

Free shipping is always standard with your mattress order. Rest easy with our 10-year warranty.

Premium Body Contouring
Our carefully selected foam layers perfectly combine with our zoned coils to offer your support where you need it most

Your Firmness Choice
Soft, medium, or firm—the choice is yours. Select your preferred firmness level for optimal sleep

Pressure Soothing Coils
Our individually encased coils perfectly cradle the body, no matter your preferred sleep position (while also offering superior motion isolation!)

Durable Design
Our high-density foam layers and premium steel coils are made in-house and carefully assembled by our master craftsmen in Arizona

1.     GLACIOTEX™ COOLING COVER - Enjoy cooling on contact for a never too hot, never too cold sleep experience, night after night
2. 1.5” COPPERFLEX™ - Our CopperFlex™ is an antimicrobial foam with an infusion of phase change material (PCM) for optimal thermal regulation.

3. 2” SOFT SUPREME RESPONSE COMFORT FOAM - Our hyper-elastic Supreme Response Comfort Foam quickly responds to your every move, adjusting to your preferred sleep position

4. 1” GEL SWIRL MEMORY FOAM - Our Gel Swirl Memory Foam offers immediate responsiveness to your every move while providing an infusion of cooling gel for optimal thermal regulation

5. 8” ZONED COIL CORE - Our zoned Ascension® core consist of up to 1,032 encased coils for exceptional motion isolation, edge reinforcement, and support where you need it most

6.  .75” BASE  - Our high-density flex base reinforces our premium coil core while adding durability and longevity to the mattress

Pay Over Time

Purchasing a quality mattress is an investment to improve life from the first morning you wake up feeling perfect. That’s why we offer financing through Snap, Acima, Sezzle, ShopPay and more. Elevate your sleep experience now and enjoy manageable payments later.

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