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DreamFit™ Adjustable Quattro Pillow (4 Removable Inserts) with Washable Cover

Original price $99.00 - Original price $179.97
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$99.00 - $179.97
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DreamFit's Best Selling Pillow. 👏🏼

Experience personalized comfort and support with the DreamFit Quattro, featuring four removable inserts that allow you to find your most comfortable height, making it ideal for all body shapes, sizes, and sleeping positions.

Count your way to comfort with our 4 inserts with their own unique units of memory fiber. This pillow includes two removable low profile MemoryFiber™ inserts for plush comfort, one removable mid profile MemoryFiber™ insert for added plush comfort and one removable high profile MemoryFiber™ insert for maximum plush comfort and height.

Remove or reposition inserts to adjust pillow comfort and profile.

  • Cover is removable and washable for a flawless sleeping environment.

Choose between our DreamChill™, DreamCool™ and DreamComfort™ pillow covers.

1. DreamChill™: Keep your pillow chilled all night long. (Seriously... it's chilly)

2. DreamCool™: Eucalyptus blended pillow cover provides temperature regulation for cooling comfort.

3. DreamComfort™: Ultra-soft removable 100% brushed microFiber cover for easy washing.

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