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I Love Mattress™ OUT COLD PERFECT FIT™ 13"

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Experience Unparalleled Luxury and Flexibility

The Perfect Fit mattress from I Love Mattress brings you a meticulously crafted 2-SIDED plush, or firm mattress that adapts to your unique comfort preferences. Whether you crave the cool embrace of Insta-Cool or the soothing touch of Moisture Wicking fabric, the Perfect Fit mattress has you covered on both ends.

Key Features:

  1. Distinctive 2-Sided Design - Tailored to suit every sleeper's desire. Side 1 immerses you in the chilling embrace of the Insta-Cool technology, while Side 2 offers the indulgent feel of Moisture Wicking fabric, ensuring you wake up refreshed and dry. Side one features a luxury-plush feel for those who prefer to sleep on a cloud, and side two is more firm for extra support, catering perfectly to any sleep preference. 

  2. Impressive Profile & Craftsmanship - At a majestic 13 inches in height, the Perfect Fit mattress represents a blend of innovation and meticulous design that ensuring every layer works in harmony to provide stellar presentation as much as it does optimal comfort.

  3. Trademark "Out Cold" Fabric - Indulge in the plushness of our iconic fabric, offering you superior cooling, ensuring your sleep is both comfortable and restorative.

  4. Insta-Cool Technology - Step away from the discomfort of overheating nights. Delivering 75% more cooling prowess than its peers, the Perfect Fit guarantees a consistently cool sleeping environment.

  5. Therapeutic Copper Infusion - Infuse your sleep with the holistic benefits of copper. Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, copper ensures an antibacterial sleeping surface while promoting rejuvenation.

  6. Hypoallergenic & Practicality - With your health at the forefront, the Perfect Fit mattress is hypoallergenic, offering a haven for allergy sufferers. And for added convenience, a removable and washable cover ensures longevity and freshness.

  7. Premium Memory Foam Layers:

    • Nano Cool Memory Foam - Delight in the immediate cooling sensation and personalized support as this layer effortlessly conforms to your body.
    • 2-Inch ComforRest Memory Foam - Experience enhanced softness and comfort, tailored to relieve pressure points and ensure peaceful nights.
  8. Robust 7-Inch Body Support Core - The very heart of the Perfect Fit mattress, this core guarantees resilience and consistent support, ensuring your mattress retains its form and function over time.

With the Perfect Fit mattress by I Love Mattress, you're not just choosing a bed; you're investing in adaptable luxury that promises restorative sleep and mornings filled with vitality. Discover your perfect fit and redefine your sleep experience.


Twin XL 80"x38"x13"

Queen 80"x60"x13"
King 80"x76"x13"


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