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DreamFit™ Solo Pillow with Washable Cover

Original price $69.97 - Original price $129.97
Original price
$69.97 - $129.97
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Unparalleled Level of Plush

Our DreamFit Solo Pillow features a single removable insert filled with our premium DreamFill™ fiber. This carefully engineered blend of fibers has been specifically selected to provide serious comfort, cradling your head and neck throughout the night. No more tossing and turning or searching for the perfect sleep position – the DreamFit Solo Pillow ensures optimal support, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Not only does the DreamFit Solo Pillow provide exceptional comfort, but it also prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. The removable insert is easily machine washable, ensuring that your sleep environment remains fresh and inviting, night after night.

Choose between our DreamChill™, DreamCool™ and DreamComfort™ pillow covers.

1. DreamChill™: Keep your pillow chilled all night long. (Seriously... it's chilly)

2. DreamCool™: Eucalyptus blended pillow cover provides temperature regulation for cooling comfort.

3. DreamComfort™: Ultra-soft removable 100% brushed microFiber cover for easy washing.

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