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Tempur-Pedic™ Memory Foam Body Pillow

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Extend Your Comfort

Aside from being the most comfortable sleep companion to exist, memory foam body pillows are great at helping alleviate joint pressure, promote better spinal alignment while sleeping (especially for side and stomach sleepers,) improve blood circulation, and help relieve sleep apnea symptoms. They are an excellent contribution to improve sleep quality, but don't let that stop you from using one to enhance your movie night or camping experience. The pillow doesn't judge.

The Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Body Pillow is also an amazing gift for expectant mothers. The BodyPillow™ features a medium-firm sleeve of TEMPUR Material filled with shapeable microcushions that respond to the shape and pressure of your body to provide support where you want it.

With over 10 million pillows sold and thousands of 5-star reviews, the Tempur-Pedic® pillows are just as legendary as the mattresses.

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